Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Music for Welcoming the Rain

After a record-setting dry summer, the rains have finally returned to Oregon.

The rhythm of the rain seems to call for a certain kind of soundtrack. Subdued, contented, but not too sleepy.

Here is a playlist of instrumental music that I need to hear when the roof beats and the outside world begins its wintery meditation.
Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet

1)  Upscale Jazz Cello
     The whole album is an experience.
     My favorite track: Morning Song
     Mood lifting energy. Inspiring performances.

Bukkene Bruse:The Stone Chair  

2) Deep Magic: Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle:  
Numedalshalling (Halling From Numedal)
Link above takes you to recording online, link on left goes to Amazon)
    Ear stretching harmonies, and a wonderful example of the voice used as an instrument, often heard in this genre. 

3) Soothing Harp & Flute:  
Month of January /When the Snow and Frost Are All Over
    Serene, but with a subtle chill in the air. (one of my own recordings)

     Anna Holbling: 
Two Violins and One Guitar, Vol. 2

4) Classical Chamber Music  
Handel: Sonata in C minor: III. Andante
    A gently rhythmic major key theme, cadencing at the end to a minor key (to transition to the next movement), ending wonderfully unresolved.

5) Sublime Guitar:
Hypnotic & sensual.

Piano: So Much Music!!!
    This may be the perfect sound for a good drizzly day.

6) Solo Romantic (classical genre, romantic period)

Consolation No. 3

Here is a link to a  live performance so beautiful, I want to live in this moment. 

 7) Solo Classical -- nearly any Mozart Piano Sonata. Here is an elegant performance.

Piano Sonata No.16 in C K.545 "Sonata facile" - 2. Andante

Michael Allen HarrisonMatter of Time

8) New Age Piano ensemble


9) New Age Piano ensemble


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